25 January 2012

For Sister!

Bayu and I went for a run. We brought our ATM card because we planned to go grocery shopping. Towards the end of the run it dropped out of Bayu's pocket but 2 angel runners behind us picked it up. The evening could have turned out very differently.

I have reached half a year since I picked up my new hobby of running ( July 10,2011).

I have slacked in the morning devotion,eating healthy and eating a good breakfast department so I decided I will start now or it will be never.

Also next week i start my 12 week training for the half marathon.

So I have planned for breakfast and my snacking. Cereal/bread and salad. For snacking/dessert:juice,nuts,fruits,yoghurt...

This should last me a week or two...probably a week or a few days haha.

One small box of nuts I'll keep in my bag the other in my classroom. Fruits are for after breakfast at work coz I don't think I have time to eat a whole course at home.

I bought 2 cereals: whole wheat Cheerios and cocoa and hazelnut. Havnt tried them yet. It's something new.

This post is mostly dedicated to my sister who loves these kinds of food and who makes me appreciate that I can find these kinds of food here in Singapore at prices much cheaper than in Thailand.

Cheers! Trying to make healthiness (Spiritually and physically) a lifestyle...my lifestyle...our lifestyle...

-<3 <3 <3

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Wow sister! That's so awesome. You inspire me so much. Love you :) And praise God for the two angels behind you.

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