30 January 2012

My Plans

The other app fails to upload my post. The thing with the other app is I can choose when and in what order I want the pictures in. But this one it only comes at the end and in any random order which is frustrating.

Anyhow, my half marathon training starts this weeks and lasts for 12 weeks. It is an app on my phone but I also summarized it and printed it out by week to see the whole picture. I stuck it on the wall in the living room before our door haha.

I also have the map of my area so I can choose the route I want to run or cycle. I also stuck my house chores for each day of the week.

And I'm trying my best to make it a habit to wake up earlier for prayer and devotion each morning as well as night devotion and prayer with Bayu each night.

I also want to finish a second book by EGW the Desire of Ages since I really enjoyed the Great Controversy.

Every single one of my plans from the minutest to big ones I pray to God about it because he does care about such things.

I don't think I could do anything without Him and I really want Him to be the centre of my life. In my 25 years of living I know a life disconnected from God is no life at all.

Have or let's try to have a blessed week! :D

Keep smiling.

1 comment:

Min Min said...

Very organized!

Praying for you... may God guide you in everything you do (even house chores)! :-)

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