16 March 2012


Back to work :)

Actually this morning I just had a staff meeting afterwards I went to see the doctor for my almost month long cough.

He gave me 3 medicines. 2 of which will make me drowsy. And it did. I was knocked out for most of the afternoon. I definitely can't take it tomorrow morning as I will be cooking for lunch and not during working hours!

So I don't know If I can get well taking the medication once a day.

It's been going on too log and I just want to feel better. It has especially been in the way of my running routine. It's hard to run when you're coughing and your lungs are full of phlegm!

Well, have a good weekend everyone don't think about Monday just yet. ;)


Hazel said...

Get well soon sister. Love you.

Min Min said...

Try these:

Drink fresh warm lime juice + salt.
Avoid cold drinks temporarily.
Reduce stress.

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