25 March 2012

Sundown Marathon 2012

Bayu and I and Frank signed up for the race in May. It is another 10k.

It will be in May26 which is a Saturday night. The 10k starts at 9.30pm and 21k at 11pm and the 42k at 2am!

I was thinking of running the 21k but unit starts at 11 pm and I take 3 hours to run I will finish at 2 am! And I have work on Monday haha.

The route will be in the heart of the city at night. I also usually run at night so in pretty excited for this run! It's a popular race so I think there will be more people on this race :)

Time to train harder! Not just for this 10k but on a few weeks I'll be doing a 21k!!! Ahhh!

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