23 March 2012

Birthday Buffet

Bayu's birthday falls on a workday and a Friday. So I finish work at 5 and Bayu has to be on his way to Care Group by 7.30

We managed to get a seat at Buffet Town even though when I called to reserve they said reservations were full so we had our yummy buffet meal in an hour.

It is an international buffet with this months theme being salmon. Salmon cooked in all sorts of ways. That's was great for me :) Bayu did have some vegetarian options.

Desserts were plenty and various and delicious!

Happy Birthday Bayu!

Here are some pictures:


Hazel said...

Wow! Deliciousness :) Happy birthday Bayu!

Cha3L said...

Haha! you know they always say that it's full.. the 2 times i've been there we called like 2 weeks in advance they still tell us its fully booked.. super nonsense..haha!

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