30 March 2012

Smores Please!

Photo Credit Cadbury Singapore

I first discovered smores from Laksh and Rochael during one of the few BBQ's I have had with them.  It doesn't turn out as neat ast the picture above but it's really good.

Basically you need buscuits and small sized cadbury chocolates. Oh and of course marshmallows!  Stick the marshmallows on a stick and roast it over the fire until when you press it you can feel it's really soft inside.  Drop it on a biscuit add the chocolates on top and finish it wiht another biscuit so it's like a sandwhich. If the chocolates are already at room temperature and they come in contact with the hot marshmallows they will melt...what a divine combination....

Take a big bite!  Prepare to get sticky fingers...heheh...it's soo good!

It's irresistible for a sweet tooth like me :)

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