18 March 2012

Looking Ahead

Work starts again tomorrow (after a few days off). I'm feeling under the weather and some stuff in work that are new and I have to do which I have never done which brings me stress.

So, to cheer me up and help me start this week I want to list down some good things I can look forward to this year. :)

April - my half marathon (21k)

May - hopefully I can register for a run this month too.

June - staff at work will have a retreat to Taiwan. Bayu's colleagues will have a retreat to Phuket, Malaysia and back to Singapore by a cruise

July - another 10k race

For the next few months after I want to sign up for a few more races. Maybe a vertical marathon (a race goin up 72 flight of stairs) or maybe a marathon itself (42k) ??? We will see those are just dreams haha.

Most of all looking forward to December for my friend/sister-in-law Sonya's wedding.

I just registered for a 10k race on July 15 at Garden by the Bay which would be a nice place to run. :)

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Wow! Looks like lots of exciting things coming up :) Love you Sister!

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