03 October 2011

Thanks :)

Guys, thanks for the support on my running 5K in the last blog post. Makes me happy to hear from you. Megan, this program doesn't come with any diet but since running is a healthy thing might as well eat healthier too right?? HAHA...

Since, I finished the program to trainfrom C25K two weeks ago I have started the program that was created for those who have graduated from the C25K to train to run until 10K! The program is called B210K which stands for Bridge to 10K. Basically it just adds on to what I have been doing and by the end of the 6th week I'll be able to run 10K.

I am on my 2nd week already. The longest I have run now is 7.3K. Each time I run now I try not to run less than 5K so now running 5K is the norm...haha who would have thought!...Hope I don't sound like I'm showing off but yeah I just wanna share this with you and it's like an accountability for me too. If I tell more people this then I need to really do it and keep it up!

I have mad a facebook album entitled "Local Loop" where I'll try to put pictures of the areas I ran. HAHA...

So my goal is that by the end of this year I'll be able to run 10K. Then I'll start signing up for 5K and 10K marathons for 2012. And by the end of 2012 I'll train myself to run a half marathon which is 21K. It's just so much fun to plan for the future LOL! And I can't believe I'm setting such goals for myself but it's worth a try!

This is the iphone app I used to train for 5K

This is the app I'm using now to train for 10K
The creators of this app have a blog which if you're interested can read more about it here. The same people also have an app to train for a half marathon and full marathon which when the time comes in the future I plan to use :)

As you can tell...running has become such a fun part of my life:)

My first attempt at running on July 10, 2011
My furthest run so far on October 29,2011

Once again thanks for the comments you left of support and encouragement it means alot :D

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