22 September 2011

Personal Achivement

For the past 9 weeks I have been Following a training program that will help me to stop being a potato couch and be able to run...until 5K.

The name of this training program is called Couch to 5K (C25K). Basically it is a workout 3 times a week up to 9 weeks from 20 to 40 minutes long.

It us more of building up stamina.  So for a person like me who hates walking up steps and it totally breathless exerting any energy at all I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could really make it to 5K.

I highly doubted it....but....on September 15, 2011 I finally ran 5K! It was the last week of the training.  I have run another 5K and tonight I plan to run another 5K.  Man! I can't believe I'm talking 5K!

It hasn't been easy but consistency and perseverance seriously pay.  And I have also seen a huge difference it bring on my energy during the day at work.  I don't feel so exhausted as I used to.  I'm super patient with my students now...it does help it does.

Oh and it's fun.  The runner's high is addictive!

The rout I ran on my very first 5K!

Actually to be exact it was 5.45K! 

I was/am really really happy...

-<3 <3 <3


Min Min said...

keep up the efforts! :-)

dinz said...

Lerz! Just wanted to say I'm super proud of you for being motivated and following through with it and being able to run 5K. That's pretty impressive. P.S. Your purple outfit is cute. :)

Megan. said...

I WANNA DO IT TOO!!! :) is there a diet involved as well?

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