15 September 2011

Fajita Salad

I've kind of been up to a few things lately which I will go into detail in  on later posts.  But one of the latest is that I've been trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  One way is to eat healthier!  I've cut down ALOT (*sob haha) on unhealthy stuff and food I really love....to the point where I had severe sugar withdrawal.  But I'm doing well compared to before...as in there is some improvement on my food impulses...LOL.

I try to eat more healthy stuff like whole wheat, and grain (still find it hard to swallow brown rice though).  And wherever I go to eat or buy groceries I look for the healthier choice symbol that Singapore uses:

I've also tried to find interesting recipes that are tasty and healthy.  Below is the link where I got my Fajita Salad Recipe as well as the pictures of my finished product of the salad:

Where I got my recipe

I doubled the recipe so that the salad will last a few days.  I put a bit too much onions so I have total onion breath LOL but it tasted good!  Try it sometime people.

Oh yeah I'm also just learning the terms and names of healthy/unhealthy stuff which bayu is teaching me haha...it's alot easier to go on a healthy journey with a partner and I'm glad Bayu is helping me.  All the best to us!! =)



Hazel said...

I really wanna try this. I'm waiting for my salary to come out so I can buy the ingredients!

Min Min said...

Yummy salad~~

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