23 October 2011

Weird & Random

Im so weird and random...

I hardly post on my blogs and when I do I post like 10 posts in one time blehhh..haha

Well, bayu and I moving out of our current house.  Our lease is over as well as this block we're in is going to be demolished (if not we'd just stay put forever).

I can't wait to move because the block and the blocks surrounding us beside and behind are all N Blocks which means they are going to be demolished.  Currently the whole building behind and beside us is all unoccupied except I can see one or 2 lights on here and there.

On my floor there is only Us and one more neighbor although I can see they are boxing their things and gonna move out real soon.  Which means that Bayu and I will be the only one on this floor and not to mention the rest of the whole building is like a ghost town.

What freaks me out is that there have already been 3 fires around our block the closest one IN our block at the bottom floor and we could smell the smoke and only when it got super smoky we went down to see the police and firefighters.  And there was no one to warn us there was a fire! Because all the neighbors are gone!

Plus, I have been watching too much crime and Investigation that I"m getting paranoid our house will be robbed or some murder will come to our house and no one can here our screams for help because we have no neighbours!!!!!!!!!! So we triple lock our door every time we're in or out of the house for extra safety.

I'm excited to move but also absolutely DREADING the whole packing and unpacking part....aaaarrrggghhhhh......

That is Singapore's fire truck called  the "Hippo" and the blue part in the middle is all the smoke at the bottom of our block.


OnZ'Q said...

Who would rob a pastor's house? The angels are wathing it day and night:-)

Hazel said...

Sister, you're silly just like me coz those crime and investigation movies would also make me imagine all kinds of scenarios. Hahaha :)

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