27 June 2011

The "Filipino" Snack

I made a dessert for Sabbath lunch. I wanted to make something special because it was my " Special" day.

Below will be the steps I took to make it and the simple ingredients.

Im not not sure what it's called but it is a Filipino dessert. Some call it Mango Float but I have no mangoes in my ingredients (unfortunately). You could call it Graham Pie or fruit Salad cake ... Whatever hehe.

The ingredient that makes this special are these crackers that come from the Philippines - Graham Crackers:

You can get it at:

You'll know the rest of the ingredients and utensils needed as we go along.

First get a helper/ assistant or two. I had Bayu and Sonya haha.

You will need canned fruits for 40 ppl or two trays. ( u can see it in my Sabbath post). I bought

2 big cans of peaches
1 can rambutan
1 can lychee
1 big can of fruit cocktail
1 can Palm seed
( basically its up to you but it tastes divine with peaches and good mango)

I got Bayu to open the cans and Sonya to slice the fruit into smaller pieces.

Dump all the fruits in big bowl. You're going to mix it in a while.

Oh yeah throw away all the juice except the peach juice pour a bit of the juice in with the fruits. But don't make it too watery.

Dump in 4 cans of this nestle cream. And mix it up with the fruits until it looks like fruit salad.

Get 2 trays ( just estimate I'm making this with 40 people in mind).

Line both trays with the crackers. This is the bottom layer.

Scoop up the mix and make one layer to cover up the crackers about half an inch.

Cover it with a second layer of crackers.

Go over the crackers a second time with the fruit mix.

Layer the top with crackers again but try to make it neater since it is the final layer. I used a knife to cut up the crackers to fill the gaps.

Basically, there are 3 layers of crackers and 2 layers of fruits.

Put it in the freezer for a day. Or until it freezes up. Make sure it's a bit defrosted ( not rock solid) before serving.

To make these two trays I used 3 packs of the crackers.

You can decorate the cake however you like it. Be creative. When I first made it for Bayu in 2005 I got chocolate pocky sticks and broke it up and placed it on the top to make it say " I U" since it was for valentines day. (ok getting off topic here).


Feel free to enquire on this recipe. Heeheheeheh muah!

-<3 <3 <3


Min Min said...

looks yummy!!!
My birthday was 2 days after yours~

Hazel said...

Sisterrrr! Looks so good! I'm going to make this too when your graham crackers arrive with Sonya!

meggiemagic. said...

aroi aroi...i rmmber we used to call it refrigerator cake. hahahaha :P

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