27 June 2011

Bday 2 Me!

It's my 3rd day a a 25 year old and everything's the same I might as well still be 21!

This has been the first birthday where I didn't look forward to put into my mental calendar. I was expecting it to be just another ordinary day. But I was forced to celebrate it... In a good way of course.

Sonya came for a visit the day before and Rochael slept over because Sonya was here... Or ao I thought.

At midnight I was awakened to an urgent knock at my bedroom door and I was so freaked out!

I opened the door to a beautiful cake! With candles! And balloons! And a card! And Sonya and Rochael singing happy birthday to me.

I was surprised!!! And touched!!! And a happy twenty-five year old

-<3 <3 <3

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