27 June 2011


My birthday fell on a special day ... Saturday. As an SDA., who said we can't have a fun-filled birthday ona Sabbath?!

On the way to church I was glad to have 2 extra pair of hands to help carry boxes of Sabbath School Lessons and the food to be cooked for lunch... Yeap somehow it was my turn to cook that day.

Didn't go for Sabbath School because I had to start preparing the dishes. I was contributing a few dishes and my cooking partner the rest of the main dishes.

This is what I made and thanks to Sonya for helping out!


A delicious dip & feresh veggies!

"the" Filipino dessert

In the afternoon we went for a hike and a picnic and sundown worship Singapore style.

Theeeen we went to am authentic Thai food resto!!!! Way to end the day!

The touching part was that the adults don't normally join us for dinner but they said they would go because it was "someone's" birthday. Haha and auntie Annie and uncle Lam kiong treated us all!

The real blessing for me was the realization that hit me that God has been with me throughout my whole life and I know he will continue to be with me for all the years of my life to come. What an assurance I have !
-<3 <3 <3

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