11 August 2011


Here I go again not blogging in forever!! Tsk tsk tsk bad bad me.

I have like a thousand pictures in my phone literally I could at least put up on post a day.

Anyway, my inspiration for this post is my parents visit! They just arrived this afternoon bringing tidings of good food....

Khao neaow ( sticky rice )
Pik pla too ( chili paste made by P Bang and the sticky rice from her too! )
Creamy durian!
Thai style fried chicken with the green chili sauce.
MK duck noodles.
Kwe teaow.

Wow that's alot of food. We were totally feasting. :)

Oh and not to mention my clothes,shoes, and makeup from my mom and sisterrrr!!!

-<3 <3 <3

1 comment:

meggiemagic. said...

Hi P lerz! :D oiii so jealous n neaaaa. hehehe yark gin duay. :D

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