07 June 2012

Thank You God

On the last day in Taiwan at around 9 am while we were having our devotion we suddenly felt giddy and looked up to see the lamps and chandeliers swaying and we ourselves swaying. It was ever so lightly but we could see an feel the earthquake.

Later we learnt that elsewhere in Taiwan there was a 4.5 earthquake and were just feeling the tremors of it.

Then when I was on the plane waiting for take off an officer came to me and lo and behold he was holding my pouch which I didn't even know had fallen out of my bag. Inside was some money my identification card and my Singapore sim card.

I gave a sincere prayer of thanks to God for really making sure and cared lenough for me to have a safe and good trip from beginning to end.

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Thang you God indeed!

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