25 June 2012


On my birthdays I like to list down whatever I can remember that happened.

Like what did I do and what did I get etc. I think I havnt done it in forever at least not on this blog where it is easier to look back on. I think I have some in old old journals stashed away somewhere.

Well, I received lots of lovely messages on Facebook.

I talked on the phone with my family.

Bayu gave me a gift and card! And coordinated the celebration dinner at an Indonesian restaurant in far eas plaza.

Orielle, olivine, Andy, Bayu, Gerome, his cute girlfriend, Simon, Terrence, Danetta, Frank and Rochael were there.

I received a hat, nail polish, face masks from Andy, Orielle, Simon and Frank.

Simon gave me 2 boxes of chocolate.

Joyce made a card which everyone at the table signed and she gave me cute hair clips and a cute dog in a cute box.

Bayu gave me some running feat socks and hydration belt. With a sweet card with hearts and a message. His romantic level has improved dramatically. Hahaha.

I received whatsapp messages from friends far and near and friends I don't always hear from like Alvina and Doca.

I also received a bag and sweaters from Ruth and Alex.

Joyce from work gave me lotion and body soap.

Chuen Rong gave me a great book for women about God.

I got a most delicious cheesecake too!

I'm sure I missed some things!

I'm also sure I'm super stuffed and I need to go back to my serious running routine and seriously eating healthy. My one month break has led me astray lol.

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