22 April 2012

Rest Days

I did make the right but painful choice of not running today. I'm pretty sure if I ran I would have collapsed. I am still so sick. I went to the doctor and got tons of Medecine. Actually, it's Medecine for the cough I had weeks almost months ago. It has turned pretty serious.

My doctor said it is good I didn't run as it could reach the heart. I won't be going to work tomorrow and my medecines are making me so drowsy anywyas. The doctor said I should also rest for 2 weeks from running :(

Bayu made me his specialty indo dish. I am the luckiest girl to have married an Indonesian guy who can cook - especially for the sick hahaha.


Min Min said...

Take care & God bless!
Hope you'll recover soon~

Hazel said...

You know I'm not feeling so well today either. Yesterday was tired and slept all day. I'm wondering if its from me being sick weeks back.

Glad you didn't run.

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