16 April 2012

Not Healthy But Healthier

Made myself some dinner as a stress relief :) yes Bayu is normally the cook of the house.

I found a recipe on YouTube by robjnixon which is home made chicken nuggets. It has a twist to it - the bread crumbs are replaced with crushed potato chips muahahahhaha

Ingredients are:
Egg and a little milk for the egg wash
Plain flour
Thin potato chips crushed to teenie bits (I used lay's sour cream and onion flavor)
Diced chicken breast

Roll the chicken in the flour dip it in te egg wash and then roll it in the crushed chips. Deep fry it until golden brown and enjoy!

I ate mine with salad and Japanese sesame dressing and some chili sauce.


Hazel said...

Wowoweeeeee!! Looks delicious!

Min Min said...


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