14 April 2012

My little bro

RJ and his older brother and younger brother were my neighbors for many many years.

They became more than neighbors and just like brothers. First little annoying brothers then close friends/brothers.

I wish I had more time with the other brothers but I had more memories with RJ :)

We had lots of laughter and outings and eatings and just being silly.

He always knew the words to encourage me and make feel happy again.

Today I was feeling down and I remembered how in these situations he would laugh and tell me I'm beautiful. Hahaha.

Because there used to be times I didn't go to church because my pimples were so bad and I just felt miserable.

Today was just like that (but I went to church) and well I just remembered him and I miss him.

He is taking nursing in the Philippines but is back on holiday in Bkk and hazel gets to see him and spend time with him. How lucky!

1 comment:

RJ said...

So touched reading this TT^TT sayang I don't get to spend time with you! You are beautiful, in so many ways, don't ever forget that ate Lerz. I miss you! :)

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