17 May 2012

Like the Woman at the Well

I was running around 7k tonight and I was still around 2k away from home and I was super super thirsty (I need to drink even more during the day).

Luckily I brought some loose change with me and I saw a vending machine selling an isotonic drink.

I opened that can of drink just when a song in my player started with the words Jesus quench my thirst....

The first gorgeous sip of cooling water to my dry throat was such a wonderful indescribable feeling and yet I forgot to focus on the happiness that I wasn't thirsty at that moment anymore but that I have a God who can quench my thirst and I'll never be thirsty again!

Imagine running the marathon of life without having to be thirsty.

Jesus is the fountain of life.

I'm always so amazed at His love towards a sinner like me!

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