16 May 2012

Enrichment Class

I'm teaching a creative writing class for K1 and K2 class. It's a class that meets once a week for an hour.

The name of the class is Creative Cyber Writers. Basically, I teach creative writing through using technology.

Below are pictures of the students works so far.

One is a book about why they are special. I took a picture of them and they edited it. Then they came up with the sentences of why they are special and I wrote it down and let them type as much as they could.

The other book is about why and how they love their family and how their family loves them. They used a paint program to make illustrations. I also wrote down their own words and let them type it out.

It's really basic as they are still young. I also introduce classic children's books through the iPad or videos.

As one of my student says after telling her made up story to me - that's all!

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