25 August 2014

Javan's Baby Dedication

On Saturday it was a special day for Bayu and I: it was Javan's dedication. Pastor Johnny said a few words and before the prayer with his wife abd elders Bayu and I read a poem entitled My Sweet Child from unveiledwife.com. 

First I said a few words : 
Now bayu and i are going to read a poem entitled our sweet child by jennifer smith. 
We are celebrating this dedication because it is the opportunity we can 
Publicly declare our intentions to raise javan in a christian home. This day and The words in this poem  is a benchmark we can turn to time and time again. We want to commit ourselves to abide by biblical principles and to raise javan according to God's standards. 

Here is the poem read alternately between the both of us:

We bought a tin of Famous Amos cookies to celebrate :P


Oh yeah and dressed him for the occasion too. :D 

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