29 August 2014

Baby is Poorly

My poor baby got the flu. Just thankful he didn't have a fever.  We didn't have much sleep the past few nights. He couldn't fall asleep and couldn't drink properly due to his stuffed nose. The snot sucker and sitting with him in a steamy bathroom helped alot though.  We also didnt sleep with aircon. It is good the weather was nice. 

Normally he falls asleep while nursing but last night I carried him and he slept on my chest. Didn't do that since he was a newborn. 

Here is a pic of him finally able to take a nap. 

Here is a pic when he got a fever from his 6 month vaccination. His first fever. 

His first vac was fine. 2nd round we had to give him pain meds. That was when we discovered his "painful" cry. This 3rd round was a fever and he had to take meds too. 


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