07 September 2012

Shepherdess Meet-Up

We have around 15 Sheperdess including wives of Union workers here in Singapore. We try to meet as a whole group a few times a year.

We have also been divided into
3 or 4 smaller groups in which we can communicate with each other more often.

Yesterday the group I was in met at at Dr Pik Yee's house. We had a short sharing them prayer for each other. After that we mad a scrapbook picture each with Dr Pik Yee's materials. It was fun.

We then shared some recipes and cooked together and ate together. We spend around 4 hours altogether.

I used to resist such gatherings but I have learned and come to enjoy it as well as the company of the ladies.

Here are some pictures of our gathering and master pieces in te making :D

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Nice scrapbook work!

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