22 September 2012

PW - Pastor's Wife

Yesterday Min Min added/invited me to a group on facebook called "Ministerial Spouses - Seventh-day Adventist (Shepherdess International)".

It was nice to read through the posts and read the experiences of different pastor's wives around the world.

I've been married to Bayu for almost 5 years now.  And yes, I've also been a Pastor's Wife for almost 5 years.

I still remember I resisted the whole being a shperdess thing.  But little by little, with much prayer and support from Bayu.  Meeting other PWs here I have come to accept and enjoy being in the ministry in this role.

One main reason for embracing my new life as a Pastor's Wife was the affect it has on Bayu.  My attitude and my reaction affects who he is and what he does.  So I am happy to be where I am and doing what I do because it affects Bayu positively and also because I want to serve my God.

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