25 July 2012

Yo Tweezerman!

I was shopping with my girls Sonya and Rochael when I came across a shop selling tweezers (among other things).

Sonya said she had read good reviews and they had samples for us to try.

I had just lost my cheepo tweezers and I desperately needed one. I use it to tweeze my eyebrows as I feel they can get pretty bushy. Haha.

They were really expensive (SGD21)! But I have been in search of good tweezers all my life (felt like all my life anyways). So I bought it.

I do not regret! It takes out even the tiniest hair with minimum pain and no redness!

Previously I would tear up and the pain would feel like I just stubbed my toe against a chair. I had to put all sorts of cooling lotions to prevent and Soothe the redness.

Now that this quest is done I am now on another quest to look for the perfect nail cutter....

The cheepo ones I have make my nails crack big time!


1 comment:

Hazel said...

I want one too :)

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