19 July 2012

*New Blog*

Hello my friends!

My friend and fellow blogger Min Min just published a new blog.

Somehow, I also have a new blog! LOL.

For quite some time I feel like all I've been blogging about in this blog is just running running running....for those who don't do the whole running things it's probably like "blehhh"....

So I decided last month to come up with a blog to post about my running craze.  I didn't really get around to doing it until Min Min haha then I decided to work on my blog and now it's up and running.

That blog will focus mainly on my training for my full marathon....and other running things which might just be "blehhhh" here in my personal blog if I keep talking about it day in an day out :P

So check it out whenever! 

Me Running...?!...! http://www.iactuallyrun.blogspot.com

1 comment:

Min Min Tan said...

To create the "home", "about" etc. below your blog title, just go to the "Pages" option (the option right after "Posts"). Create new blank page where you can type something or a page that link to other page.

You can also choose to display your pages at the top or at the side.

Have fun!

Happy Sabbath! :-)

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