25 May 2011

Ahhh! Tomorrow!

Well, I'm on my way out from work. The past 2 week I have been leaving later than usual and all because it is coming to the end of our 2nd term and our long break is coming up. therefore- all work due!

Also, tomorrow and Friday us meet-the-parents session. I have to prepare to mean the parents of over 200 students in the next 2 days.

I needed to get their progress report done. I also had to remember the reasons why each child got the "grade" (try harder, good, very good, excellent). I also have to recall each child's behavior how they did and prepare to ask the questions parents will ask.

Doesn't sound all that much but keep in mind 200 kids! Hehe.

And I gotta admit I'm still trying to connect face with name! I don't want to draw a blank face in my memory!

I've got students named Ragul, Raghul, Rahul. And Prakash and Rakesh. And don't mention my Chinese kids' whose names I'm still trying to pronounce right!

Some names you can't tell if it's a boys or girls name and I'm scared I'll get mixed up talking about a girl when their child is a boy or something like that!

Oh God help me!


But it's going to be an experience for me and i know I'll survive and get through this.

Don't I always? ;p

- Posted on the mrt teehee...

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