25 April 2011

Back with Food Thoughts

I'm back! After (let me check when my last post was)....March 9?!?! :(

Well, I've been around but not blogging but I always miss blogging.  I've actually always loved reading and writing since forever...

Anyhooo, my first post after my long bloggin break is about what I live fore :S hehe...FOOD

In our church each family are assigned to cook food for lunch potluck.  Since I'm a novice I was partnered with another uncle (uncle Boon Chow hehe) to cook around every 2 or 3 months.  I can make 1 to 2 dishes  while he makes the rest.

Sooo...in 2 weeks time it's potluck again and I plan to make potatoe salad and egg sanwhich using my mom's recipe! I'm excited now.  :) hopefully I can post more on that...

but mainly, I'm here because I'm hosting the Sheperdess gathering at my house in 2 weeks.  The Shperdess are us ladies who are Pastor's or Mission Worker wives.  We meet a few times a year to just hang out and get to know each other.

This time we're meeting at my place and I'm having Bayu cook 2 manado dishes (bubur manadao and another red bean soup) and his dabu dabu. =)

As for meee...I'll be making....Mango Sago Pomelo!!! This recipe I found is closest to what I have tasted the other recipes are too yellow in colour the one that I like is almost like a pinkish-orange colour.

I love love love this dessert.  I tasted it for the first time here in Singapore at Pastor Simon Siew's daughter's wedding. 

I wanted to eat it again so badly and Then at Bugis Junction at their food court I found it!!!

So I looked up this recipe and I made it once some time last year (just trying it out for Bayu and I).  It was good and now I have the chance to make it again! I can't make it for church potluck coz I'm bad at making really huge portions of food hahaha....

So yes,  I will definitely let you kow how it turns out!

Have a great week everyone!

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Hazel said...

Glad your back =)

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